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Our Fabrics

This fabric is composed by 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This ensures an easy ironing and a high resistance to washing. Its features make it one of the most used fabric in the uniform shirts sector.

The Oxford is a fabric often used in the uniforms sector. This is chosen when a heavier and stronger shirt is needed, instead of the classic poplin. Our Oxford has a composition of 70% cotton and 30% polyester which ensures an easy ironing of the fabric and especially a greater abrasion resistance, primary limit of the less expensive Oxford tissue.

This fabric is very suitable for shirt used in the industry sector due to its resistance and the use of pure cotton. It is a fabric that is used for many work clothes, the best compromise between quality and price.

Our pure cotton fil a fil fabric is a great quality tissue. Its main limitation, common to all pure cotton fabrics, is its delicacy and a low resistance to washing. On the other side this tissue is known to be particularly fresh and breathable.

100% cotton fabric used especially when it is needed a shirt without synthetic fibers

The pique fabric is widely used especially in the polo shirt. Our 100% cotton pique has a good trade off between quality and price.

This type of stretch fabric 97% cotton and 3% spandex is becoming increasingly important in the uniform sector. The presence of the elastomeric fiber confers greater comfort and facilitates the ironing.

Pure cotton flannel is a fabric that keeps the heat well and so it is widely used in the winter.

This material is mainly used in the production of t-shirt. Our jersey is100% cotton.

Pure cotton yarn, gauge 7, we primarily use it to make school uniforms instead of the sweatshirt.

Yarn 50% wool, 50% acrylic, right compromise between strength and quality. Gauge 7. This fabric is made entirely in Italy.

Yarn 50% wool, 50% acrylic, right compromise between strength and quality. Gauge 12. This fabric is made entirely in Italy.

Synthetic fiber particularly resistant to abrasion and to washing. Color solidity.

We inserted this new tissue because cooler and more breathable than polyester. Inside there is also a small percentage of elastomer which gives it greater flexibility and wearability. 80% polyester, 15% rayon, 5% spandex.

Classical material used for the production of sporting goods. Composition 80% cotton 20% polyester. The polyester gives greater color solidity, higher resistance of the fabric and does not significantly alter the perspiration.

Yarn widely used in the production of knitwear. Gauge 12. It is characterized by softness and elasticity.

Strong fabric always used for the production of pants. Pure cotton.

Fabric containing a percentage of elastomer that gives better wearability. 97% cotton, 3% elastomer.

Important note

the colors represented in this catalog are indicative and do not faithfully reproduce the original. We reserve the right to change technical details, sizes, colors, packing of the articles in this catalog. All rights are reserved, no part of this catalog, either text or image may be used without permission.