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Pellegrini A.&.C. s.r.l.
The company owes its success to the vision of the founder Aldemaro Pilgrims, many years ago, decided to relocate some of their production to countries where this was done at a lower cost and with great quality.
Given the great success of the men's collections, it was decided to expand the range of products: thus the collection "Allegrino" baby shirts and "Lady Law", blouses woman.
Without neglecting the market that made her famous, over the years the company Pellegrini A. & C. has extended its commercial policy, offering its customers a product that is more relevant and in line with the new requirements.
In particular, it found a growing demand for specific products for the segment "professional"
Pellegrini A. & C. The Company has created a department dedicated to meeting this need.
The result is a new line of products designed to give operators a valuable support service to solve the problems of providing workwear.
An important stock of ready articles allows to escape quickly most of the requests.
A broad but specialized catalog of items, most available immediately, is available to customers.
Pellegrini A. & C. The company also produces on demand, according to customer needs and according to specifications.
In the world of professional clothing is essential for a manufacturer's ability to maintain over time the characteristics of the articles: the company Pellegrini A. & C. stronger than fifty years of experience, offers this reliability. Our articles keep in time a high degree of uniformity of production, as
tissues and as modeling, to ensure its customers the constancy of their image.
With this new site the company Pellegrini A. & C. wants to provide its customers with a practical tool and service work.

Pellegrini A.&.C. s.r.l.